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GRAM Digital Controllers

GRAM Soft Case [B-STOCK]

GRAM Soft Case [B-STOCK]

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GRAM Soft Case B-STOCK Details:

  • You will receive one of the pictured GRAM Soft Case B-Stock models at random. Please look at all of the images to make sure you are OK with the imperfections. 
  • B-Stock Issues: Cases might have loose embroidery, misprints, uneven coloring, rough edges, or other minor aesthetic imperfections such as missing pull tabs.
  • As-Is Purchase: You're buying this device in its current state, with no possibility of refunds or replacements. Parts may vary, please refer to the item image for specifics. 
  • Fully Functional: The device works perfectly but doesn't match our regular quality standards.
  • Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts: Great for those looking to modify or customize their cases.
  • Not Liable: GRAM isn't responsible for user modifications or open-source add-ons.

🎮 Specifications:

Custom "The Classic" topographic embroidered design on durable polyester with white piped edges. Ultra-smooth fleece interior to avoid scratches. Premium dual-zipper design allows for charms, keychains, and customization. No exterior pockets or handles to get caught in your bag, just a sleek case for on-the-go cheaters. Room for two GRAM Slim Controllers with accessories. Plus, when gaming, use it as a plush lap pillow for added comfort and controller grip.

Compatible with the GRAM Slim.

    📫 International Shipping:

    • ***A Note for Our International + Canadian Friends: Our system auto-calculates VAT and duties at checkout. However, if duties aren't paid then, additional fees may apply upon arrival. Recipient takes full responsibility.

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    Made with ♥ in Dallas by @BRUISESXO + @Grammy_Money

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these tournament legal?

    Since all GRAM Digital Controllers run on open source, community-reviewed firmware, they are held in the same legality as almost all other digital controllers. There are no duplicate buttons, so even the WASD remap is legal under standard rulesets.

    How long does it take to receive my GRAM?

    We don't list anything on our online store that isn't in stock, ready to ship. No pre-orders, no waiting lists, no estimated delivery times. We just need a day or two for packing and shipping, and if you're in the US, you could have your GRAM in as little as 2-3 days.

    For international orders, please reach out to for customs information.

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    What do I do if something goes wrong with my GRAM?

    If you have any operational issues at any time, join the GRAM Discord and open a ticket in #support-tickets. Additionally, all firmware and legacy GRAM hardware is open source, meaning that repairs and modifications, both hardware and software, are completely accessible.