Design First.

GRAM is an independent design & manufacturing company based in Dallas, TX that focuses on premium digital controllers and accessories. Founded in 2023 by Alex Bagheri and Nik Cupps, GRAM approaches controllers as functional art, with limited, handmade releases with wildly varying design language between collections.

The first GRAM drop, titled "GRAM1", was built on an open-source framework for the Frame1 digital controller. Since then, GRAM has gone on to completely redesign the chassis, internal PCBs, and firmware of later drops, crafting completely unique and singular controller experiences.

At GRAM, we have a community-driven approach to innovation and accessibility. We have committed to open-sourcing all of our custom designs, providing creators and customers with the tools to build and repair their own GRAM Digital Controllers.

Alex Bagheri

"Grammy Money"

Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Nik Cupps


Co-Founder & Brand Director