RNG 2023: Our Epic Adventure in Waco, Texas!

RNG 2023: Our Epic Adventure in Waco, Texas!

rise n grind event with GRAM booth
rise n grind event with GRAM booth with grammy sitting at booth

RNG 2023: Our Epic Adventure in Waco, Texas!

If you were at Rise 'n Grind (RNG) this year, you might've seen us— or at the very least, heard about the rectangle controllers that were stealing the show! Here's a little dive into our RNG experience and all the fun that unfolded.

You know we had the music blasting on our way to Waco! We also saw the Eiffel Tower lol 😜


rise n grind event with GRAM booth with grammy sitting at booth
GRAM booth at rise n grind

Making a Mark 

There was hesitation to give the rectangles a try at the booth. I mean.. we get it. Rectangles are 'cheating' blah blah blah. It's kind of boring to hear the same shit over and over lol. But y'all know it was a hoot how quick people would flip once they held these babies in their hands and gave them a try! It was amazing to see skeptics turn into happy little kids the moment they started to play.


GRAM booth at rise n grind

Praise for Our 'Mature' Designs

While we pride ourselves on functionality, we've never ignored aesthetics. At RNG, attendees repeatedly complimented our designs, calling them "mature" and "sophisticated." Such words warmed our hearts and made every ounce of effort we put into GRAM Slim totally worth it.


driving to WACO

Waco Wanderings with @Grammy_Money & @BRUISES

Outside of the tournament, Waco was a treat! @Grammy_Money and I (@BRUISES) loved the city's walkability. The weather? Perfect. And shoutout to the RNG organizers for that fantastic loading dock— made setting up a breeze!


rise n grind convention
GRAM booth with 2 controllers on table


Building Community, One Match at a Time

The sense of community at RNG was palpable. Not only among attendees but amongst vendors too! Our booth was buzzing. From friendlies to high-stakes money matches, we had it all. The camaraderie, the shared passion for gaming— it was a sight to behold. We also had some hand sanitizer at our booth, so we were able to strike up a lot of conversations with new people as they dropped by to clean their hands! 

winner of the GRAM controller giveaway

The GRAM Slim Giveaway Frenzy

One of our RNG highlights? The GRAM Slim giveaway! And what a turnout we had! Congrats once again to @El_Cancel_ for bagging the spectacular "Let There Be Light" GRAM Slim.

🎉 GRAM Winner is @El_Cancel_! 🎉 They chose the dazzling “Let There Be Light” GRAM Slim as their prize! 🌟 Enjoy lighting up your gaming sessions and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! 💙


nik holding the GRAM prism prototype

Here's to RNG 2024 and Beyond!

We've packed our bags, but the memories remain. RNG 2023, you were magical. And guess what? We're already pumped for next year. Till then, keep gaming and stay awesome!

We hope you enjoyed this look into our RNG journey. Keep an eye out for more updates and remember— whether you're gaming or living, always play in style!

gamer playing on the GRAM booth setup with a gram controller 

With love ♥, 
GRAM Digital Controllers
Author: Nik Cupps (@BRUISES)
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