Press & Media: GRAM CTRL Live Conversation w/ DrugFreePlays

Press & Media: GRAM CTRL Live Conversation w/ DrugFreePlays

Unveiling the Heart of GRAM CTRL: A Live Podcast with DrugFreePlays

In an electrifying live stream podcast on YouTube, GRAM CTRL was interviewed by the one and only DrugFreePlays, offered a rare glimpse into the essence of our bespoke controller company. This engaging session wasn't just talk—it was a deep dive into who we are, our core mission, the vision that propels us forward, and the unique factors that set us apart from the crowd.

More than a mere conversation, this podcast was a celebration—a celebration of community, accessibility, and the undying passion that fuels the vast world of gaming. It centered around GRAM CTRL's commitment not just to creating high-quality controllers but to fostering an inclusive environment for gamers across the globe, with a special focus on the Smash and the Fighting Game Community (FGC).

A Project Worth Supporting

Our friend at DrugFreePlays spotlighted this initiative as an admirable project aimed at bringing accessibility to the gaming forefront. It's all about dismantling barriers and ensuring that the joy and competitive spirit of gaming are accessible to all. This commitment to community and innovation is the heart of what we do at GRAM CTRL, as we strive to uplift and support gamers through our work.

Stay Connected, Stay Engaged

For anyone who missed the live broadcast, this podcast serves as a window into the soul of GRAM CTRL and our collaborative efforts. It's your invitation to join us on a path of growth, community support, and gaming excellence.

Eager to explore more about DrugFreePlays and their contributions to the gaming scene? Check out their engaging content across their social platforms:

Join us in this journey. Together, we're not just building controllers; we're creating experiences, breaking down barriers, and championing the spirit of inclusive gaming.

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