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A Blast at Low Tier City DFW 2023 - #LTCDFW23

What a weekend we had at Low Tier City DFW 2023! It was a mix of fresh and familiar faces, gaming, and a whole lot of GRAM action.



Setting the Stage in Arlington

Arriving at the Arlington venue, the energy was electric. Setting up our booth as sponsors was a thrill. Our showcase? The GRAM PRI$M, nanoGRAM, new GRAM Slim design 'The City', and the GRAM CHAMP! - a special GRAM Slim model with golden aluminum plates, reserved for the Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat champs. And let me tell you, our new spinning controller displays were a crowd-pleaser!



The Gaming and The Gear

Our massive CRT was there for friendlies and money matches. And the nanoGRAMs? They were a hit! People couldn't believe these little guys, and the clear ones were the first to go. By Sunday noon, they were all snapped up!

The GRAM PRI$M was a fan favorite from the get-go. Seeing people fiddle with @GrammyMoney's personal see-through PRI$M and figuring out how to hold it was hilarious.



Booth Buzz and Community Vibes

Saturday's booth buzz was intense. Grammy held down the fort while I wandered around with demos. Chatting about Kailh Choc Red Switches and our open-source ethos with keyboard-heads and modders was just so cool. Y'all are awesome!



A Special GRAM OF-1 Moment

A highlight was when someone brought us their third-party built GRAM OF-1 for a fix-up. We jumped into action at 1:30 AM, swapping in speed silvers, our resin buttons, and an un-warped frame. Big thanks to Berserk for the trust and the trip down memory lane!



Girl Power at the GRAM Booth: Salt and Fitzy Take on the GRAM PRISM and Slim

Highlight of LTCDFW23? Watching Melee stars Salt and Fitzy battle it out on our GRAM PRISM and Slim. It was epic to see these awesome women gamers showing off their skills at our booth. Their energy was infectious, and our controllers were right there with them, every step of the way. Girl power and gaming finesse at its best – totally a proud moment for us at GRAM!


Proud GRAM Moments

Seeing our GRAM logo up on the massive stage was a moment that gave us all the chills. It's one thing to dream about being a sponsor to such a great event -- but it's entirely another to actually see it happen. There it was, our GRAM logo, proudly displayed above the stage, symbolizing how far we've come and the community we're building over the past 9-months.


A Surreal Experience with the GRAM CHAMPS!

Handing over the GRAM CHAMPS! was nothing short of surreal. The energy, the applause, and then getting to meet the winners at our booth added to the exhilaration. By including the Wingman adapter with our GRAM CHAMPS!, we ensured that the winners could enjoy their victory to the fullest – the complete GRAM experience!


Family Support and Vendor Friends

Sunday surprised us with a visit from @GrammyMoney's parents with lunch! Introducing them around was a joy.


Shoutouts to our vendor buddies:

  • N3zModGod and Top Notch Customs: Your setup is top-notch.
  • Shorthop: Loved your new booth setup and that froot-loop candle!
  • Certly: Your illustrations are always a highlight.
  • CVSmashMods: You inspire us with your dedication and work ethic.
  • @BlueRoseTori: A total polymath in social media and photography. Check out her incredible work!

Looking Ahead

We loved every minute of LTCDFW23 and can't wait to figure out where we'll pop up next. Maybe in your hometown? 👀

Stay tuned, and keep gaming, everyone!




Hope you enjoyed this recap of #LTCDFW23. Your support and love fire us up and inspire us to keep making weird shit haha ❤️

With love ♥, 
GRAM Digital Controllers
Author: Nik Cupps (@BRUISES)



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