🔓 Deep Dive: How we hacked the GRAM <MAINFRAME>

🔓 Deep Dive: How we hacked the GRAM <MAINFRAME>


Rienne Customs: The Digital Beacon at SuperSmashCon 🎮💡

We're beyond amped about our collaboration with Rienne Customs at this years Super Smash Con 2023. Teaming up at the incredible Control in Color booth, they emanated a magnetic vibe — a pulsating core of attraction amidst the convention's sprawling digital jungle. It was an undeniable highlight, as attendees enjoyed giving the <MAINFRAME> a chance in person. A massive shoutout to Rienne and the team for not just showcasing our tech but for letting everyone dive deep into its matrix. You folks are the true MVPs in this game!

Epic Online Drop:
Boot Loading... 🚀🌌

The digital buzz around < MAINFRAME > didn't just end at #SSC; it amplified, thanks to the expertise and magnetism of Rienne's booth.

Now, as we transition from the physical realm to the digital arena, we're electrified to announce our most groundbreaking online drop yet. Brace yourselves, cybernauts, as we bring the LARGEST rectangle ready-to-ship.. Dive into the future with us.

Beyond the Circuitry:
The Symphony of 4200 Solder Points 🛠️💡

Between the two of us, @Grammy_Money and yours truly, @BRUISES, we've meticulously hand-soldered over 4,200 points to bring the < MAINFRAME > to life. Trust us, every single point was a journey in itself, and we're beyond thrilled to share this electric masterpiece with all of you.


Unboxing the Code:
Streamlined, Stylish, Synaptic 📦🖥️

Unboxing our next-gen rectangles feels like diving straight into the future! 📦✨ Peek inside and you'll find easy setup guides right there on the box lid. And that snazzy tape on the outside? That's our signature touch. Oh, and we're giving Mother Earth a digital high-five by keeping our packaging on the lean side. Less waste, more cyber vibes!

Diving Deeper into the Cybernetic Dreamscape

Dive deep into the matrix with the GRAM <MAINFRAME> controller. We've meticulously crafted its design with binary code visuals, teleporting you straight into a hive-mind virtual cyber realm every time you game. Our inspirations span from the neon-lit streets of cyberpunk utopias to the cunning strategies in 'Mr. Robot', and the timeless essence of classic hacker movies that have mesmerized audiences over the decades.

But it's not just about immersion; it's about showcasing the dance of technology – the swift movements, the leaps of progression, and yes, even the occasional glitches that remind us of the imperfection in the matrix. As the binary code dissipates into the void, we invite you to plug in, hack in, and join the GRAM initiative. 🌐💾🔌


Community Spotlight 🌟🎥

Big shoutout to Swift (@Swiftssbm) and Zuppy (@MonkMode_) for sharing their unboxing magic on Twitter. It's one thing to design something cool, but watching you guys dive in and vibe with the <MAINFRAME> in real-time? Total highlight. Thanks for giving our #Cheaters fam a front-row seat to your reactions! 📦🎮

Check out these snapshots from our amazing #Cheater community during their unboxing moments! So cool to see everyone diving into their new gear. 📸🎮 We also shared these on our Twitter if you want to take a peek! 


With love ♥, 
GRAM Digital Controllers
Author: Nik Cupps (@BRUISES)  
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