GRAM Year One: From Startup to Global Expansion in 2023-2024

GRAM Year One: From Startup to Global Expansion in 2023-2024

GRAM YEAR ONE: March 2023 - March 2024

Get ready to ride the wave of excitement as we look back on a year that was nothing short of epic! From the spark of an idea to global expansion, here’s the rollercoaster journey of GRAM Digital Controllers. Buckle up because this ride is just getting started!


March 2023: The Starting Line

  • Explored new designs: Entered the realm of rectangle and b0xx style controllers to address hand cramps and enhance gaming comfort.
  • First batch sold: Launched our initial batch of controllers, officially kickstarting GRAM Digital Controllers.

April 2023: The First Victory

  • Initial success: Sold five units quickly to eager friends, generating initial excitement and validation for our product.

May 2023: Design and Discovery

  • Tsunami Slim launch: Unveiled the innovative Tsunami Slim design, setting a new standard for our controllers.
  • Event debut: Made a strong debut at Low Tide City 2023, selling out all 11 devices and making a lasting impression.

June 2023: Fostering Connections

  • Community building: Launched the GRAM Discord to create an open-source community, fostering collaboration and support.
  • Support system: Established a dedicated support forum and ticketing system within Discord to assist our users efficiently.

July 2023: Production and Assembly

  • Scaling up: Increased production capacity in preparation for the MAINFRAME drop, introducing new features and products.

August 2023: Massive Changes and our BIGGEST Drop!

  • International expansion: Began shipping to Canada, marking our entry into international markets.
  • MAINFRAME success: Launched the <MAINFRAME> drop, selling out 100 units in just five days, highlighting our rapid growth and popularity.

October 2023: Sustainability and Expansion

  • Eco-friendly packaging: Adopted sustainable packaging practices to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Customization options: Rolled out interchangeable design panels, allowing users to personalize their controllers.
  • Global shipping: Expanded our reach by offering global shipping options.
  • Event showcase: Participated in Rise 'N Grind 2023, further establishing our presence in the gaming community.

November 2023: Global Expansion

  • Market expansion: Explored new markets with ambitious plans for global domination.
  • Teaser success: Generated buzz with a teaser for the GRAM PRI$M, a potential hit we might reintroduce.
  • Community engagement: Shone brightly at Low Tier City 2023, strengthening our ties with the gaming community.

December 2023: Giving Back

  • Supporter appreciation: Gifted GRAM V2 Button upgrades to our early supporters, emphasizing our commitment to quality and loyalty.

January 2024: Research and Development

  • Innovation focus: Invested significant effort into research and development for cutting-edge gaming technology.
  • Continued upgrades: Extended the GRAM V2 Button upgrade offer, reinforcing our promise to enhance the user experience.

February 2024: Customer Success Stories

  • Event success: Celebrated Genesis 2024, selling out nearly all units and receiving positive feedback.
  • Brand storytelling: Engaged with the community through interviews, sharing the essence of our brand and vision.
  • Future planning: Began planning the next big product drop, fueled by the excitement and success of the past year.

March 2024: One Year Strong

  • Reflection and growth: Reflected on our incredible journey in an interview with @DrugFreePlays, looking back on a year of remarkable growth.
  • Forward momentum: Continued working on new products, a major upcoming drop, and preparations for Low Tide City 2024. We're thrilled with our progress and eager for what’s next!

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GRAM Digital Controllers
Author: Nik Cupps (@BRUISES)
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