🌊🎮 Riding the Waves at Low Tide City 2023 - A Splashing Success! 💦🌟

🌊🎮 Riding the Waves at Low Tide City 2023 - A Splashing Success! 💦🌟

Kalahari Convention Center

Last weekend, GRAM Controllers had the incredible opportunity to attend Low Tide City 2023, held at the Kalahari Resort. It was an absolute blast! We were thrilled to see new faces and reunite with our friendly DFW Melee friends. The event was a true celebration of gaming, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

Photograph of @GrammyMoney and @BRUISES arriving to the Low Tide City 2023

On this Mother's Day weekend, we witnessed the love and dedication of these incredible Moms who go above and beyond to nurture their children's gaming passions. Your support and encouragement make all the difference!

Thanks Mom on DFW Building

At our booth, the excitement was palpable as gamers gathered to witness the grand unveiling of the Tsunami GRAM Controller. Sporting a premium aluminum chassis and a sleek case thickness of less than 10mm, it immediately caught everyone's attention with its stunning aesthetics and ergonomic design.

Photo of Zelda dabbing on the pink Disney princess CRT Tv at the GRAM Controller Booth at Low Tide City 2023

Photograph of Otuff holding their prize Tsunami GRAM Controller at Low Tide City 2023
[Blurred their face for confidentiality]

We held an exciting Tsunami GRAM Controller giveaway, and we're thrilled to announce @Otuff as the lucky winner! Congratulations to them! 🎉

Photograph of a GRAM Tsunami controller being held against a blue sky

The Tsunami GRAM Controller is equipped with Kailh Choc Red switches, ensuring ultra-responsive and smooth key presses for lightning-fast gameplay. And with its toggleable WASD/B0XX mapping, you have the power to customize your controls and elevate your gaming performance to new heights.

Photograph of GRAM Tsunami controller sitting in grass

But fret not if you missed out on the event! We have exciting news to share. The Tsunami GRAM Controller will soon be available on our website, www.gramcontrollers.com. You can still ride the wave of gaming greatness by securing your own Tsunami GRAM Controller from the comfort of your home.

GRAM Controllers Tsunami Logo

Stay tuned for the official release date, as we prepare to make waves in the gaming world once again. The Tsunami GRAM Controller is your ticket to unparalleled gaming performance and unforgettable experiences.

 Join us on Discord image

Thank you to all the amazing individuals who attended Low Tide City 2023 and made it a memorable event. We couldn't have done it without your support. Let's continue to ride the gaming waves together! 🌊🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️👋


With love ♥, 
GRAM Digital Controllers
Author: Nik Cupps (@BRUISES)  
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